VIZYA Community

Global Communities for a Better Us and a Better Planet

Our main Community Forum is focused :
• World Development
• Self-Development (including health)

VIZYA is a Sanskrit word meaning “to create or to belong to a community”.

Our planet was created around 4.5 billion years ago. Our ancestors starting walking upright around 6 million years ago and Homo Sapiens have been here for around 200,000 years.

Great teachers came to this planet around 2,000 years, including Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, and many others as well at many other times. However, have we really developed as well as we can as the Superior Species on this planet ?

We have probably done the best we could, though we still have many major world issues, including disease, poverty, war and violence to mention a few. However, our focus appears to me more on keeping up with the Joneses and acquiring glittery objects than perhaps on what is most important for our survival, attaining our greatest potential, and on what would best serve our beautiful planet.

Literally as far as we can see, we do not seem to have found anywhere else as beautiful as Planet Earth in the Cosmos. At least not anywhere we could travel to in any meaningful amount of time.

VIZYA has been established as a portal at for a community to come together to address what is felt to be the more important issues facing humanity and to create groups that work together to create effective solutions for these challenges.

Please do join our community and contribute so that we may all share our knowledge and develop better solutions.

• It’s free
• Focuses on World and Self-Development solutions
• Contains lots of interesting information.
• Increases in value to everyone as more people join.

Using Our Forum

The VIZYA Global Community is a place for new ideas, research and collaboration to reveal solutions to our global challenges.

You can access the information in our forum without registering. However we encourage you to join our community as soon as you feel as it is of interest, because of the benefits you will receive.

After registering, as you use our community, you automatically gain more privileges and the role assigned to you in the community will automatically increase, giving you access to more permissions.

You can learn, interact and contribute on a wide range of highly interesting and important topics.

Joining is free and the more people involved the better our solutions will be.

Therefore, when your membership level allows, please do invite others, who resonate with our community’s interests and who would be useful members of our community.

The initial goals are to create a community that works together to :

  1. Collate and present relevant information and facts about our world and self-development.
  2. Develop an understanding about humanity’s greatest challenges.
  3. Create solutions and put into action those that will have the greatest effects.

As our community grows we plan to create the structure for self-organising groups to focus on certain topics.

Future goals are planned to be defined by the community.