Three Main Worldviews

There appear to be currently three main worldviews of our reality :

  1. God decides everything.
  2. Everything is chaotic and there is no rhyme or reason to what happens.
  3. There is a law of Cause and Effect.

If you speak to people, they generally believe one of these and their experiences tend to support their belief. Without further irrefutable evidence, one probably needs to assign each belief a one-third chance of being true.

There is also the Simulation Argument presented by Nick Bostrom, which is slightly different and is explained on a sister website : Simulated Universes We shall also explore this further in another topic.

There is also the concept that Everything is One and Everything is Connected, which is often reported by those who have had mystical experiences.

Perhaps an important point is that if we do not really understand our reality, then how do we know whether the ladders we intend to climb are leaning against the correct walls ? This would therefore justify considerably more research in this area.