Quick George Carlin Video On Why Our Species Is Failing

Interesting and short explanation by George Carlin about the lack of balance in our world between competition and collaboration.

There’s also this short video by him highlighting some of our craziness :

With the advance of AI and Advanced Robotics, there definitely seems to be a serious opportunity for humanity to reevaluate what it considers important and what should be our highest aspirations and values as a species.

I would just like to add that George Carlin’s insights are from someone who was a deep observer of our societies and these two videos are very worthy of the few minutes it would take to watch them.

It is not that competitiveness is bad. It incentivises and inspires us to achieve perhaps more than we would otherwise be able to do. But perhaps it is true that the balance with collaboration is not the best it could be for us to really achieve all that we are capable of.

Robert Kiyosaki has also pointed to the fact that our education systems are generally structured to teach competitiveness. Whereas collaboration is probably the much more important skill if one wishes to be successful in life.