Plant Based - An idea whose time has come

Even the great Albert Einstein said the following :

His feelings echoed something Leonardo Da Vinci said over 500 years ago :

It is shocking how long it seems to take our species to properly adopt concepts promoted by great minds and teachers.

Whilst being often concerned about the carbon emissions I cause whenever I travel, the following graphic helps to reassure me that much more is done by being plant based in terms of helping to improve the problems of climate change :

For those that have not seen it and do not understand why plant based is important, the documentary Earthlings is highly recommended :

It can be rather shocking to fully understand the reality of this situation that is in many ways cloaked from us. Earthlings is currently available on YouTube : Earthlings Documentary - YouTube

List of Famous Vegetarians
(pls add others you know of)

A$AP Rocky

Abraham Lincoln

Al Gore.

Albert Einstein

Aldous Huxley

Alec Baldwin

Alicia Silverstone

Anthony Hopkins

Ariana Grande


Barry White

Benjamin Franklin


Bill Clinton

Bob Marley

Brad Pitt

Brigitte Bardot

Bryan Adams


Carl Lewis

Chris Martin

Christie Brinkley

Christina Appelgate

Claudia Schiffer

Colbie Caillat


Dean Ornish

Demi Moore

Drew Barrymore

Ellen DeGeneres


Franz Kafka

George Bernard Shaw

George Harrison

Gisele Bundchen

Joaquin Phoenix

John Coltrane

Johnny Depp

Julie Christie

Kat Von D

Kate Winslet

Kristen Bell

Leo Tolstoy

Leonardo da Vinci

Lewis Hamilton

Liam Hemsworth

Lily Aldridge


Maggie Q

Mahatma Gandhi


Michael Jackson

Michelle Pfeiffer

Mike Tyson



Narendra Modi

Natalie Portman

Nikola Tesla

Olivia Wilde

Ozzy Osbourne

Pamela Anderson

Paul McCartney

Portia de Rossi



Ringo Starr

Rosa Parks

Russell Brand

Russell Simmons

Shania Twain


Sir Isaac Newton

Stella McCartney

Steve Jobs

Thomas Edison

Venus Williams