Individual Environmental Changes to Make

My Challenges

  1. I don’t like to use plastic bags from the supermarket to carry my food home.
  2. Nor do I like all the other packaging that comes with my food.
  3. If I do not take any plastic bags from the supermarkets, then in what do I put my food waste and other waste products ?
  4. I love trees too, so I don’t want to use paper bags instead.
  5. How am I to receive all the liquids I use like home cleaning items, shampoo etc., without the use of plastic packaging ?
  6. How should I support recycling efforts ?

Solutions that I plan to do much more of :

  1. Take my own bags to the supermarket.
  2. Buy unpackaged food where possible, especially fruit and vegetables.
  3. Eat in restaurants, rather than takeaway and bring my own Tupperware for takeaways.
  4. Try and buy food delivery items from restaurants that use recycled and recyclable packaging.
  5. Shop at zero-waste stores for all items I can buy there.
  6. Use an iPad and iPencil for all notetaking and signing of digital documents (recommend the app Notability).
  7. Save documents to my computer and backup to cloud and avoid printing unless completely necessary.
  8. Switch to bamboo-based tissue and toilet paper.
  9. Use public transport as much as possible and when possible, use green transport.
  10. Learn more about how recycling works. Grateful if those more knowledgeable can post here.
  11. Use ecofriendly washing and drying balls and other ecofriendly house cleaning materials.
  12. Avoid impulse purchases and wait 24 hours to ask myself if I really want to purchase another belonging that will clutter my mind.
  13. Eat more of a plant-based diet.
  14. Look into home friendly improvements including smart cooling or heating systems, high insulation windows and doors, and solar panels.

Please recommend more or add your own commitments below.