Heart Disease Alternative Ideas

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Thomas Cowan examines amongst other things Rudolf Steiner’s proposal that the heart is not a pump and appears to argue this quite convincingly.

This would seem to imply that perhaps quite a bit of our modern cardiology is based on the wrong principles.

Would be very interested to hear from any cardiologists that have read the book and their comments on its ideas, or from anyone who has used the techniques in the book and how effective it was for them.

I am currently trying this technique from a Qigong Master on YouTube that appears to have been getting very good reviews :

Anyone else tried this ?

Will update here in future after my next regular heart reviews. Hopefully, good news. :slight_smile:

I tried this technique twice a day for seven days, then a few times after that.

My blood pressure used be average around 135/90 for several years even on medication.

A week or so after I completed the first week I was due for a regular heart checkup. When they measured my blood pressure it had come down to 116/62. Admittedly I had also lost a bit of weight.

The above YouTube video also has a number of good reviews with other people appearing to have good results too. Therefore, I suspect this three minute Qigong exercise has had an almost miraculous effect upon me.

I would encourage others to try this out and advise here if they also have good results. Hoping that it helps you greatly too and thank you for updating here either way.