Child Trafficking

Please watch “Sound of Freedom” :

It’s very troubling but important to watch.

Here are a few points from the movie :

  • Human trafficking is a $ 150 billion business.

  • The US is one of the top destinations for human trafficking and is among the largest consumers of child sex.

  • There are more humans trapped in slavery today than any other time in history - including when slavery was legal.

  • Millions of these slaves are children.

Our sister site World Monitor recently added the below information on Child Trafficking :

Stating that this is “an abomination that needs to end on our planet”.

There appear to be four main groups that need attention :

  1. Traffickers - the people who kidnap and trap young children should be brought to justice and punished and their networks destroyed.
  2. Countries - that allow more leniency for this type of behaviour should be denounced and avoided until they take firmer action.
  3. Pedophiles - whilst you make feel that these people should be shot and that probably would be a solution, perhaps a more humane viewpoint is that more research needs to be done into this kind of behaviour and how it can be cured. Currenty apparently there is no cure for pedophilia.
  4. Children - the children who are involved need to be rescued and rehabilitated and the children and their parents, who may be at risk of the traffickers need to be better protected.

These Children Need Our Support and This is something we have to stop.

Here at VIZYA we want to explore more concrete solutions for the above and discover what actions people can take to help stop this tragedy that is allowed to continue on our planet.

If you would like to contribute by taking action or contributing more knowledge and useful information that will assist this cause, please do signup and join our global collaboration community. It is all free and there are no charges for joining.