Basic Clearing Exercise

This is one of the most basic clearing exercises. Some people call it open-eyed dual meditation.

It helps to clear out issues and raise one’s ability to confront.

You sit opposite another person with your knees about a foot apart and choose a location on the other persons space. This can often be the space between the eyes or one eye, but whatever works best for you is fine.

Then you look at each other ideally without moving, speaking or laughing focused on the location you have chosen for extended periods of time. One usually starts with two to five minutes and then increases over time gradually until you can do an hour or even several hours.

If emotions come up, you allow them. If you start to cry, that is fine.

Sometimes you will find that the persons face in front of you changes considerably. That is fine, just continue the exercise.

If stuff comes up for you, just continue, it will pass. If you are nearing the end of a session and still feeling uncomfortable, it is best to extend the session until this passes.

You can also do this with children and from experience it appears to be very good for them as it appears to raise their ability to confront things in life.

It is a very simple and yet very powerful technique.