Akrama-Krama Concept

Akrama-Krama is a Sanskrit term that refers to the simultaneous existence of the structures through which we live our lives.

Krama refers to that which is sequential, the aspects by which we generally live our lives.

Akrama refers to the opposite ie. that which is non-sequential, and which also refers to the vast, nonlinear backdrop of our reality.

To understand this in a bit more detail :

In the phenomenal realm when the different operations of our cognitive apparatus and psychoses are directed to the grasp of external multiplicity, the whole situation is reckoned as krama.

Likewise, when the phenomenal level is transcended by diverting the same mechanism towards the trans-phenomenal, non-dual, undifferentiated reality, everything is automatically realized in its essentially trans-sequential character. This phenomenon is defined as akrama.

Both are really aspects of the same reality and therefore not really separable. Though having an understanding of both seems to help add to our understanding of reality.